Seven Reasons Why Dems Voting for Haley Hurts Trump

1. She Drives Him Crazy

Despite her gentility and poise, Haley is hitting the trigger points of Trump’s rage hard by telling courageous truths about his dementia, incompetence and failure. This incites his anger, making him more unhinged and unappealing to swing voters that he needs to win the November election.

2. Time is On Her Side

The Republican National Convention is five long months away. If she stays in the race, Haley, youthful and strong, would run Trump ragged and wretched. He would be a far weaker candidate when facing Biden for the grueling general final lap of the presidential election.

3. Trump’s Sexist Attacks on Haley Will Repel GOP Women

Keeping Haley in the race as long as possible will prolong Trump’s repulsive sexist attacks on her.  Many more Republican women will vote for Biden.

4. Erode Trump’s Funding and Focus

Trump will spend tens of millions fighting Haley. Meanwhile, Haley is draining money from moderate Republicans and conservative business leaders, who are rightfully fearful of the corrupt Putin-style kleptocracy that Trump’s second term would bring.

5. Non-fascist Fallback Should Trump Falter

In the not unlikely event that Trump has a stroke or dies, Haley would only be likely to replace him if she stays in the race. Otherwise, Trump’s MAGA movement would select a younger fascist, DeSantis or Cruz, who would be just as dictatorial a president.

6. Haley Winning the Nomination Would End Trump’s Fascist Insurrectionist

7. Biden would have a better chance of beating Haley Than Trump in November