About the Stop Trump Dictatorship Project

StopTrumpDictatorship.com is a project of Progressive Source PAC, a new committee started in early 2024 by Progressive Source Communications CEO and Trump-exposing journalist Jonathan Greenberg with $25,000 of his own money.

Jonathan has founded multiple digital media companies, including Gist Communications, which won the first ever annual Webby award in 1997. 


Since 2007, Progressive Source Communications has pioneered the art of attracting viewer’s attention to new narratives with hard hitting, opinion shifting geographically targeted video ads. Progressive Source clients include the California Air Resources Board, the ACLU, the Lakota People’s Law Project, and many other organizations working to make the world a better place.


The Stop Trump Dictatorship Project launched our first opinion shifting web video with our “Dems Vote Haley” video, which impacted South Carolina’s Republican primary with results that helped her stay in the race longer.


As reported in Politico, for less than $10,000, our video reached 200,000 people in blue districts of South Carolina, with 400,000 views. A majority of them watched the entire 71 second video. Haley went from a February 15 poll average of a 36 point loss to a loss of just 20 points just nine days later.


The Associated Press estimated that 19% of Haley voters, or about 57,000 people, were Democrats. Our video was able to sway voters at an estimated cost of just 20 cents per voter. 


In May we began releasing videos focused on the general election. We’ve released four new videos, which have been seen more than 50,000 times on YouTube by voters in swing states, and more than 200,000 times on twitter. 


Greenberg started as an investigative journalist and he has known, and written about, Donald Trump longer than any reporter working today. As a young reporter researching the first Forbes 400 list in 1982, Trump, using his notorious fake John Barron voice during long phone interviews, scammed Jonathan into increasing Trump’s net worth to get on the list.


Jonathan wrote about the experience and Trump’s long career of business fraud, in a series of major Washington Post exposés. He has appeared regularly on more than a dozen national news shows to offer insight into Trump’s past and current business.


Jonathan’s experience with Trump’s fictitious John Barron has been the subject of monologues on Colbert, the Daily Show and Seth Meyers A Closer Look


Greenberg also wrote three of the most revealing exposes to appear in the Washington Post during Trump’s presidency, starting with:


The 6 essential cons that define Trump’s success


How Donald Trump silenced the people who could expose his business failures


And, finally, four months before the 2020 election, a warning video as relevant today as it was then: 

Twelve signs Trump would try to run a fascist dictatorship in a second term


The 12 signs of a fascist dictatorship commentary was followed by this web video version of the story, with footage of Trump, in his own words, and a campaign that received nearly 2 million views on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.