The strategy of the Stop Trump Dictatorship Project is to reach voters who are not paying attention to politics with opinion-shifting video ads on Youtube that voters see before they watch other content.


The impact of our YouTube advertising strategy is at least ten times more cost effective than the billions of dollars that will be spent to re-elect Biden.


That’s because instead of shorter ads on TV, radio and online, which most of us tune out, our YouTube ads provide hard hitting narratives that can be better targeted geographically and demographically. At a cost of only three cents per 30 second view. 


In April, we launched our first pro-Biden video. It is focused on reclaiming our flag from democracy-hating Republicans and is titled, “Are you a Patriot or a Hatriot?”


Videos we are planning to release in the coming months include: 


Why Voting for Kennedy, West or Stein Will Help Elect Trump


Four Ways Trump’s Fascist Dictatorship Will Ruin Women’s Lives


Busting Trump’s Big Lie of a Stolen Election