Why wait until the general election to vote against Trump?

Democrats can use our primary ballots to stop Trump now!

Biden does not need our vote until November. The most important thing that patriotic Americans can do during the next few months to stop Trump’s dictatorship is to help Nikki Haley stay in the race.

Our new campaign urges millions of Democratic voters to take bold action by joining moderate Republicans and independents in voting for Haley in their state’s GOP primary.

The stakes of the 2024 election are too high to ignore. That’s why we launched the new Progressive Source PAC to fund our Stop Trump Dictatorship public awareness campaign.

Unaffiliated with any party or candidate, our PAC is crowd sourcing funding to buy carefully targeted YouTube video ads. Our first one-minute video, Dems Vote Haley to Beat Trump in SC (below) launched on February 5 and already has more than 75,000 viewings by adults in Democratic-leaning counties in South Carolina.

We are marketing a similar YouTube ad campaign in California and Minnesota. Our objective is to raise awareness of the dangers of a Trump dictatorship among voters who are “leaning back” to view other content.

Step up to defend American democracy against the most dangerous fascist movement in our history. Help defeat Trump! You can support our efforts by donating here on Act Blue.

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